I have worked with about 3000 clients from age 16 to 85 with all sorts of fitness level and conditions, both pre- and post-surgery.

I have had clients with knee replacements, torn meniscus,

hip replacement, shoulders, rotator cuff, spinal issues,

herniated discs, scoliosis, kyphosis, metal rods in the spine,

stenosis, Parkinson's, diabetics,

... you name it.


48 years old


86 yo -2018

56 yo -2018



I am a highly experienced

Personal Trainerworking in the Seattle
covering the region 
from Seattle to Issaquah
and from Seattle to Lynnwood
and Edmonds
and Mountlake Terrace.
I provide private training programs
for both individuals and small groups
and deploy a number of different
fitness training techniques:

46 yo  


42 yo


79 yo -2018


                     Body Building       Cardio
                                        Weight control

 Stretching    Explosive  exercises               






(2011, 2013, 2015, 2017. 2019)   

  • Sustaining Mobility & Movement:

  • Foot, Ankle, Knee

  • Kinesiology 

  • Injury Prevention:

  • Understanding Injuries

  • Upper Body

  • The Spine

  • Lower Body

  • Group Resistance Training: Exercise Sequencing

  • Group Resistance Training: Circuit Training

  • Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Yoga Essentials II

  • Senior Fitness

  • Body composition

  • Boot Camps

  • Kick-boxing

  • Zumba B1


For each individual I design a program according to your gender, age, fitness level, heath status and desire to meet your own personal goal. I work with all body types,
from the obese to the athletic;
from teenagers to those already in their elder years.

Training for muscular strength/endurance

My methods will keep you challenged and focused.

You will be exercising, but at the same time building your confidence &
 improving your physical attributes as well during every session.

Unique fat-burning cardio with kick-boxing combinations through fun and safe pad work. 
Sports agility and plyometric drills. 
Drills and combinations are added to build on your skill
I will progressively increase the intensity level at a rate that you can handle  

Kick-boxing technique for beginners
and those who want to enhance their skills. 

Conditioning drills to increase strength, endurance, 
coordination, technique and quick reflexes...
jab, power punch, combinations, jump rope, and partner drills with focus mitts.

Evaluation/ConsultingInitial evaluation of physical condition prior to making fitness training appointments is required. Physical condition evaluations may also be done at appropriate times throughout your training. Consultation on nutrition issues pertaining to maintain physical fitness may also be booked.


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